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Living Simple

At Living Simple, we understand that tidying one’s home is a highly personal process and firmly believe that through working together, clients will achieve a heightened awareness for the reason behind the clutter. Living Simple works through a heart-centered, systematic approach, where clients are able to illuminate blind spots and connect with a sense of self - all through tidying their belongings.  The end result being the creation of their ideal space, internally and externally.

Our Mission

The mission of Living Simple is to create space - literally and figuratively - to cultivate possibilities, joy, integrity, and excellence through tidying and organizing. Our goal is to support clients in living their best life by eliminating the physical manifestation of mental clutter.

Summer Love Wade
Certified KonMari™ Consultant
Tidy and Organization Expert

In 2016, Summer received devastating news that her mother’s cancer had metastasized to her lungs.  In a search for answers, she picked up Marie Kondo’s bestselling book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and put the method into practice.  Sadly, during her tidying marathon, Summer’s mother lost her battle with cancer.  It was through the KonMari™ Method that she was able to process the passing and found peace and joy in the memories of her mother.  Summer experienced firsthand how impactful tidying and organizing can be and declared to use this as a vehicle to support others.

The following spring, Summer traveled to Chicago, Illinois to attend the third seminar given by KonMari Media, Inc.  A few months later, she joined the small community of Consultants, receiving her certification in the KonMari™ Method.   

Now with over 600 hours of transformational tidying experience, Summer is currently one of only 14 Certified Gold Consultants in the U.S. 

Summer is a powerhouse of compassionate coaching and innovative solutions.  Whether she is organizing spaces, downsizing empty nesters, staging homes, or utilizing the KonMari™ Method, Summer is an advocate for her clients to find happiness. Her desire to be in service to others, combined with a passion for organization, led her to form Living Simple, where the primary focus is to empower individuals to live their best life  through tidying and organizing.