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KonMari™ Tidying

Living Simple utilizes the KonMari™ Method to declutter and tidy.  The KonMari™ Method is a mindful approach to determining what to keep and what to discard.  The process focuses on tidying by category and not by location.  Work through each category in order, keeping only items that “spark joy” and discarding remaining items with gratitude.  Once the discarding is complete, then the organization begins!  This will ensure that the end result is a space designed by your vision and the clutter will never return.

Benefits of Tidying with The KonMari™ Method

  • Prioritize with ease

  • Enjoy increased clarity

  • Connect with higher sense of self

  • Create your ideal space

  • Identify simple storage solutions

  • Break through self limiting beliefs

  • Communicate effectively

  • Work through challenging decisions

  • Rest easy and breathe deeper

Sessions and Packages

Sessions consist of five (5) hours of in-home coaching and support. During each Session, the client works with a Certified KonMari™ Consultant to declutter and tidy the space.  This amount of time allows clients to SEE the results of their hard work.

  • Aware Package $1,155 Three Sessions

  • Clear Package $1,900 Five Sessions

  • Elevated Package $3,900 Ten Sessions

*Individual Sessions are available for $400 each.