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"Summer is an amazing woman who provided impactful life coaching to me. She is always there for me with a confidence and compassion that helps me see my own potential. When I get stuck in my head about completing my goals, she asks the right insightful questions so that I feel empowered and strong. She is a great listener, a powerful leader, a team-player, and an inspirational woman. I am so grateful for having her as my coach."

Sarah B. 

Delray Beach, FL

"Working with Summer through this process was fantastic. While highly personal and intimate she was accepting and understanding of my experience. She was insightful and would show me my underlying process and "conversations" about items that I was choosing to keep or to give up. I never once felt rushed, and honestly was a great resource and partner throughout the process. I honestly cannot say enough about her guidance and support. She would help me if I got stuck and made great and practical suggestions about how to order and utilize space so that the transformation would be long lasting. As a person who struggles to keep all the little things together she had been an invaluable resource; after the initial process she has always taken my calls and questions. Her services are worth every penny and more." 

Kristina R.

Indianapolis, IN

"I was surprised at how much came up for me going through everything.  I see why I have held onto much of it for so long, but it was time to move on.  I appreciate the support Summer provided as I went through all of it, one by one.  It all seems more manageable and feels pretty good."

Jason K.

Boynton Beach, FL

"I feel lighter- emotionally more clear and open.  And as challenging as some of it was, it was also fun.  She brings the work in too, so it’s extra special.  I’ve cleared a lot of space, in all the meanings that word has."

Krishna B. 

Pompano Beach, FL

"Summer's coaching was simple, bold, loving and created space for me to have things happen which I said that I wanted. ​She held a space of loving coach, however held to boundaries of call times, durations and context. 


I often remember certain "golden nuggets" that she shared with me and access them when I am telling myself a story as to why I am not having it happen in my life today. Summer is a wonderful stand for all in her space and I am forever grateful for the living kindness and stand that she was and is for me."

Adam P.

Delray Beach, FL

"I never thought that opening up an armoire could bring such a happy and peaceful feeling.  Over the years, I’ve tried to sort and organize my “stuff” and always ended up with things being stacked or sorted for a while but then clutter would always creep back in.  I never realized there was a real method that actually ensured the result was not only organized and pleasing to the eye; but the process actually changed my perspective about my things and my environment.


When Summer works with you as a Konmari Consultant she brings such a calming presence to an otherwise crazy process.  Putting your stuff out to sort through can be a very vulnerable undertaking and Summer is upbeat, nurturing and she is fully present with you throughout the entire process. 


I highly recommend Summer and the KonMari method to anyone that is looking for a tidy, organized and truly freeing way to organize your home.  This process, with Summer’s guiding hand, will surprise and delight you!"

Kathy C.

Lake Worth, FL